Mónica Sánchez-Robles


Color of Emotions

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Life, inevitably, confronts us to complicated moments in which it’s difficult to see light. These difficult situations block us, stopping us from development and growth. Mónica Sánchez-Robles was on one of those dark periods when in an almost therapeutic way she decided to make a research about her own emotionality using artistic recourses. But to take that journey, in the first place, she needed to admit that what she was going through was vital circle; a state which repeats itself periodically, in which none gets out unscathed, since the learning that it requires makes us ascend a whole level. This learning made her acquire some sort of distance over her own emotions and then when she decides to embark in a research about how sensations y the states of mind are associated to the practice of art, through some basic elements like light and colour.

Colors of emotions is, definitely, the trademark of this investigation that Mónica Sánchez-Robles has been developing through the last years and that would be done in three phases: Colors of emotions I, Color of Emotions II: the inside light and Color of emotions III: Human Being (in process).

The emotional state of a person, determines his or her perception of the world. The conception of an artist is an interior process and the artistic creation is supernatural act in a spiritual sphere that subtracts to every observation.

In creation, the idea approaches in many forms. Sometimes it’s an encounter, a conversation, or an aptitude, – we would have to go back to the memory to know where the idea was born from-. In many cases we simply follow our instincts, other times, it’s a dairy work of investigation.

Color of emotions is born as a consequence of verbalizing a conversation which in an unconscious manner has been some time analysing and how my feelings had influenced on my own observation.

Mónica Sánchez Robles