I Los volcanoes

Mónica Sánchez-Robles explores her own path through silence and observation of the deserts, big spaces of solitude which are necessary for creation. The result is translated in a series of photographs of Lanzarote’s volcanoes, where the aridity, the void, and the dominant black, takes us to a first encounter with light.

She works on this series intuitively in positive and negative, exactly how she perceives it, where in occasions the negative shows us elements nearly undetectable to the naked eye. The work is completed with a series of luminous with the names of the emotions.

The process of Mónica Sánchez-Robles up to this point has been truly common through landscape photographers, not far from the view of Struth, Eliasson or Hütte. But she intervenes with it, in a more drastic and manipulative form. She doesn’t limit herself into only selecting a fragment of landscape because of its original and particular look. In an informatic lab, with a very specialized software, she undresses the landscape of its original colour, standardizing all of them equally into the same black and white destitute of feelings and effects, in which the form acquires protagonism. Starting from black and white, MSR constructs her singular vision of the scenery that far from being friendly and gentle generates some prevention in the cult look. Her proposition moves us not because of the obvious quality of the images but because of the effectiveness of the strength of an intellectual discourse that invites and requires the thought of the spectator, to reach the significance to its fullest.

Fernando Francés