II Interior Light

Sánchez-Robles’ second part of the investigation is about physically seeing the meditation techniques she practices and preaches. In this stage of the process she discovers the energetical benefits and the calm this discipline produces. She learns how to open mind spaces and stop the flow of thinking taking her to a state of gratitude and personal satisfaction that will later be translated visually into her work.

Interior Light is divided into two scopes of the natural world: on one side we see images of the forests where she practiced the meditation techniques. While on the other we have a series of flowers in digital video format with color interventions that represent both the interior and exterior vision of one’s self.

Monica takes us to silent and meditative spaces that are represented by natural scenarios like Scottish forests, flowers and bathes them in color to express her feelings and experiences.

The video installation is comprised of ten pieces that work independently. They all are named after women the artista personally knows. The color application in these digital pieces keeps changing with the music by Rafael Arnau. Together with the big format images, she sumerges us in the nature she loves and ultimately seems intimate and personal to us.

Angustias Freijo
Freijo Gallery. Madrid 2016, Phoespaña 2016