Mónica Sánchez Robles

Max Estrella/ Project Room: The language of the trees MSR

Previous Next October 2021 The art gallery Max Estrella presents the work of Mónica Sánchez -Robles (Madrid, 1964) as part of its programming within Proyectos Estrella. Culture, nature, climate change, and most of all regeneration are what define this project. The exhibit that is now being presented includes a sample of the extensive study of trees. …

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ABC cultural: «Places of abandonment», beauty and fragility coexist in Rdt

septiembre 2021 El Centro Cultural Ras de Terra (Villanueva de la Vera, Cáceres) abre sus puertas este 24 de septiembre con la inauguración de una nueva exposición de la artista madrileña Mónica Sánchez-Robles sobre los lugares de abandono, en particular de los secaderos de tabaco. Back

ras de terra Cultural center opens with Places of Abandonment

September 2021 Ras de Terra Cultural Center -in Villanueva de la Vera, Cáceres-, which we spoke about here recently, opens its doors with an exhibition by the Madrid artist Mónica Sánchez-Robles. Under the title Places of abandonment, the exhibition revolves around the places of abandonment, in particular about the tobacco drying places. Back

Arte informado: what rurality has united that the city does not separate

September 2021 Connecting the local with the global, but, above all, working for their territories and their contexts, is the firm and at the same time complicated commitment of centers, spaces, initiatives, artists and curators with a focus on the “future of rural areas in Spain “. From the new Ras de Terra, in Villanueva …

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Ras de terra echa a andar/HOY Extremadura

septiembre 2021 Reflexión sobre el abandono“Lugares de abandono parte de los secaderos y de mis recuerdos en distintos lugares del mundo para hablar del abandono y también del flechazo que yo sentí al llegar a La Vera”-comenta Sánchez-Robles Back

Lugares de abandono in ras de terra

Previous Next Ras de Terra opens doors and begins its cultural programming withthe exhibition “Places of Abandon” by the artist and co-founder Mónica Sánchez-Robles. September 24-October 24, 2021 Back

Ras de Terra Ras de Terra, Sánchez Robles’ and Juan Urquiola’s latest agricultural project based in La Vera, Cáceres. Its main objectives: natural preservation, positive environmental impact and create awareness about permaculture. They seek to regenerate the soil in La Vera with a higher CO2 uptake on the long run. Their pillars for this project are: awareness, investigation …

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