2017 Equilibrium

“There’s always something more than two opposing truths. All the truth always includes a third part, that’s compromise”.
Jacob Needleman

Equilibrium (Balance) is something naturally searched by nature and humans, without it, everything is in danger. We find ourselves in a moment where the consuming and producing economy is at an untenable level, it’s the cause for the contamination of ecosystems and sadly, climate change. The project Equilibrium arises from a boat expedition on the east coast of Greenland with the midnight sun as a background.  It’s confronted as a direct look upon the glaciers and their use for one of the biggest ice industries of the world.

Mónica Sánchez-Robles reflects about the immense ice masses that float adrift, melting due to global warming; suing a double inverted image of mostly an iceberg, the artist tries to show that the part of the iceberg that isn’t submerged is evaporation in the atmosphere. The complete series with photographs, illuminated vintage recycled exhibitors with images of whales waving with their tales, a character that observes from far away platforms, LED light displays with the words LOOK and CALM. Everything is a call towards balance that will subtly move towards one side on the scale, how long will it last? Everything indicates that all the richness and beauty will not leave a trail.

Exhibition Galerie Laure Roynette. Paris 2017
Exhibition Upcycling Art Show. Hybird Festival. Madrid 2018