2012 The Girl Inside Me

I like that you’re so childish…
You conserve that teenage excitement, naïve and amazing
It’s so important… because even after all your life…
Your spirit remains

This series is in a constant evolution where the humour and spontaneity are the principal conductible cables. Created parallelly to the rest of the artist’s creative process, they’re photographs and fast sketches made by a kind of alter ego of Mónica Sánchez-Robles, an excited girl, candid and specially, with a big dose of imagination. On these pieces, with a big temporary journey, the unifying element is the freedom of the artist to give in to colour and enjoy the moment, with the   thought that we should never lose that spontaneous naivety of childhood.

Exhibition EGAM Gallery. Madrid 2012
Exhibition Yusto & Giner Gallery. Marbella 2013
Exhibition Galerie Laure Roynette. Paris 2017