Lugares de Abandono

Simplicity and fragility come together in the tobacco drying rooms of La Vera. Structures stranded in the territory portraying abandonment.

Artist Mónica Sánchez-Robles presents an exhibition in the form of an essay where the notion of cartography and the relentless passage of time are shown as fundamental pillars of her narrative.

With the intention of perpetuating these structures that caress the “art brut”, the artist, trapped by their magnetism, plays with the original brick patterns and viscals by introducing light to mimic the emotion produced by the sun’s rays and the wind through the gaps.

Throughout the process, the artist has worked in collaboration with local artisans, to alleviate together this cry for help from the drying rooms cradled by the mountains of Gredos.

Text: Elvira Rilova

“Tobacco on the top and we on the bottom …”