2021 The language of the trees I


From early childhood, tres have been a recurring theme in the artist’s work. They have been represented through all the artistic techiniques she regularly uses, but she has never treated them as equals until her involvement in in La Vera, Caceres. 

Culture, nature, climate change, and most of all regeneration are what define this project. 

When she began documenting these majestic beings for their CO2 carbon capture possibilities, a new world was opened. More than 300 trees were planted giving a new life to the old tobacco drying barn and converting it into a cultural and residential center for artists in the middle of the countryside. 

It is here, where the connection to the land is at its peak, that Monica discovers the almost nervous system behavior of roots that trees use to communicate within one another and the world around them. At this intersection, the artist starts to question its purpose and existence. 

The exhibit that she presents at the Project Room in the Max Estrella gallery is a sample of the extensive study of trees. The artist uses the versatility of these old structures, converting them in art themselves. 

The center piece is a centenary holm oak tree in Castilla. Chosen due to its beauty and resilience, as a symbol of the awareness of the important of our attitude towards the regeneration of our planet, much like Ras de Terra.