noviembre 2022

Exposición The power of trees  en PYTHONGALLERY, Zurich.

Mónica Sánchez-Robles
The Language of Trees

Python Gallery is pleased to present the work of Monica Sanchez-Robles (Madrid, 196) The Language of Trees II, for the exhibition The power of trees.
. A Fine Arts graduate from the Complutense University, lives and works between Madrid and La Vera (Cáceres), is co-founder and director of cultural projects for RAS de Terra.
Her work has been exhibited in the Salon des Independants in Paris, the CAC of Malaga or the CentroCentro exhibition hall.

Ever since her childhood, trees have been a recurring element in her work. She has represented them through the several disciplines she handles, but never treated them as equals until she started the project in Extremadura.

Culture, nature, climate change, and, above all, regeneration, are words that define this project.

When she began to delve into the capturing of CO2, a new world opened for her towards these living beings. They planted more than 300 trees and breathed a new life into an abandoned tobacco dryer, turning it into a center and residence for creatives in the countryside.

It is here, in full connection with the earth, where Monica discovers the almost neural behavior of the tree’s roots that work to communicate with each other and their environment. It´s at this point where she begins to raise questions about who she is and what her purpose is, the problem with fires, and the repercussions of climate change.

The light boxes and paintings presented are a sample of an extensive study of trees. The artist uses the versatility offered by old supports, recycling and turning them into works.

The installation is a centennial oak from Castile. Chosen for its beauty and resistance as a claim to contribute to raising the awareness about the importance of our attitude in the regeneration of the planet. The drawn and lacquer pieces with flour colors interpret the various stages that the trees are currently experiencing.
Thoughts are written beside them.